Hi, if we haven't already met!

I'm Nadia, I'm a foodie and I love a good coffee. I love drinking my morning coffee and walking around the garden first thing, connecting with the earth while walking barefoot on the morning dew (or any other time really!). I'm an outdoor person who loves my garden and would do anything to spend more time there. Growing up in Africa I can guarantee that I am a traveler at heart and totally solar powered, looking out for that sunspot wherever I go.

I'm an adventure seeker who likes to be on the move, meeting new people and discovering new places. Pretty sure I was a nomad in my previous life because I seek out new experiences and exotic cultures. My life is a combination of curiosity, spontaneity and adventure all while looking for human connection and interaction.

I studied Graphic Design and Multimedia in South Africa before coming to explore the UK. I have a strong eye for design and styling and have had a keen interest in photography from a young age. I started my photography journey in school with a film camera, developing the negatives and photos myself in the dark room, old school stylie!

These days I'm all about personal brand photography which ties my background in graphic design and my love for photography together perfectly. I love to make meaningful and soulful images that resonate with each client individually so that they can then elevate their business and take it to the next level with amazing on brand images tailored just for them.

Hello Instagram - 2015

It's funny to think back about using Instagram all those years ago, I absolutely loved it as I'm a very visual person however at the time it didn't cross my mind to use it for business. At the time I was taking photos mostly for myself to fuel my creative projects, I took a series of self portraits documenting my rite of passage of becoming a mother. During this time I found my spark again for telling stories in a visual way. A few years later in 2018, I started my True North Photography account for business.

“I create brand and content photography for fun and fresh businesses who like to be seen and stand out from the crowd!”

Sounds like you?


"Our first collaboration started with a brand shoot, the photos would then feature on my socials and my website and she nailed both the brand and the ethos in a single shoot. We share similar passions and interests and she was incredibly easy to work with.

Thank you Nadia, I'm extremely grateful for your work and I couldn't have achieved what I have so far without you."

-Curtis, Alchemy and Apothecary

-What I believe -

No. 1

I believe your business is worthy of success and there are people out there looking to connect with you. Let's work on getting you more visible so that your clients can find you.

No. 2

I believe that all people should have equal opportunities, no matter who you are, how you identify or what your background is.

No. 3

I believe in community over competition any day. I believe in being positive and uplifting to those around me so that we all can be successful